Hampden Data Solutions

Hampden Data Solutions provides a complete management system designed for inactive and semi-active business records. Our approach to managing your business records has been designed to provide the very best system, security, reporting accuracy, accessibility, and cost containment available in the marketplace today.

The Hampden System
The concept of a complete data management system is only a workable one if it combines certain standardized procedures with the flexibility to respond to the individual needs of those whom it serves. Hampden provides such a system. Our features include:

  • Bar code labeling providing accuracy of data
  • File level access tracking and deliveries
  • Monthly itemized invoicing
  • On demand inventory reports
  • Security authorized only access
  • Quick response delivery and pickup service
  • Certified destruction services
  • Full range of moving and storage services

Bar Code Labeling Providing Accuracy of Data
Hampden provides to our customers a state-of-the-art bar code inventory package which allows for fast and accurate data base updates and searches. When Hampden personnel remove the cartons from your office, we receive the cartons into inventory, effectively eliminating data transfer errors. If the information is correct at the point of origin, then it will not be altered by Hampden personnel.

Hampden personnel perform the completion of the inventory procedures at our warehouse location and return the completed inventory to you for your review.

File Level Access Tracking
The computerized inventory system that is utilized by Hampden combines the convenience of point-of- origin carton labeling with the ability to track files within a specific carton. Pickup and delivery services for files are available as well.

Monthly Invoicing 
Hampden provides to our clients the convenience of a monthly invoicing system. One monthly invoice which includes actual storage charges based on current inventory on the day of invoicing and service charges from the prior month. This eliminates large up front payments and charges for unused warehouse space. Service charges are referenced by service order number and can easily be identified. Discounted storage rates are available for prepaid quarterly or annual storage payments.

Security Authorized Access
Access to and from Hampden storage vaults are strictly limited to scheduled visits accompanied by Hampden personnel. Hampden also strongly advises limiting the number of individuals authorized to order retrieval and delivery service calls. Hampden will not release records to anyone except those individuals specified by your company.

Quick Response Delivery and Pickup Service
As a service oriented company, we respond quickly and efficiently to any and all service requests. Retrievals can be arranged 24 hours a day (emergency service), within 2 hours of calling (rush service), or on a cost-efficient next business day basis. Hampden has a large fleet of trucks on the road every day and we can arrange for service, small or large orders, on short notice.

Certified Destruction Services
Hampden will arrange for either certified or non-certified destruction of records for you. Original inventory information on possible destruction dates and key management reports are sent to you on a quarterly or annual basis. This method keep costs down by disposing of records that are no longer necessary. Hampden will never dispose of your records without proper authorization. Destruction certificates are provided for all certified destruction services.

Full Range of Moving and Storage Services
Hampden Data Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hampden Moving & Storage, Inc. placing at your disposal a full range of relocation services. These services include:

  • Office and commercial moving
  • Storage of office equipment, computers, furniture all within the same building complex
  • Air freight
  • Employee relocations
  • Point-to-point deliveries throughout the world

Hampden has been providing quality moving services since 1895. Our corporate philosophy has always been one of service first.

Hampden's Records Center is protected by a 24 hour a day electronic surveillance system, closed-circuit cameras, a regional "dry" warehouse sprinkler system, and fire resistant construction consistent with NFPA ANSI standards. All shelving is metal and raised from the floor a minimum of 4" in all areas. Forklifts are electric and all potential fire sources are forbidden in the vault areas.

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